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Q cards - the backstory

Need a better question to inspire your life? Look no further, the answer is here.

Back in the fall of 2015, I was mulling over the idea that the quality of our lives is driven by the quality of the questions we ask ourselves. A few short minutes and one head slap later, a personal passion project began. Each day I would create a beautiful new question to meditate on as I moved through the day. I told a few friends, and they asked if they could get the Q too - and sooner than later, The Daily Q was born. One question designed to help you take pause, go deeper, and crack your thinking open in new and novel ways. 

Fast forward to Summer 2017 (more than 600 questions later) and The Daily Q has been reborn and rebranded as a physical product!

Q CARDS™are a stack of 100 3" x 3" Qs bound by a metal snap ring.  Minimal black-and-white graphics, matte finish heavy card stock, and a clean, beautiful layout designed to inspire. 

restocking now! pre-order yours before they're gone!  

Available at $25 per stack, free shipping


Q Cards are the perfect add-on to your coffee table, backpack, or cocktail party. A bowl of Q Cards at your yoga or meditation studio? Super chill. A Q Card each day to inspire your meditation or journal practice? Mindfully on point. A groovy and thoughtful gift for your favorite graduate? Look no further...the answer is clear ;)

The Qs include themes of adventure, relationships, courage, nature, fun, resilience, self-compassion, goals, hope, and career.

I can't wait to share these with you and the world. Meanwhile, if you want to start following Q Cards on social, hop on over to Instagram or Facebook @qcardlife for your daily doses of inquiry and inspiration. And if you post a pic of your Q, be sure to tag us #qcardlife so we're along for your journey.

Here's to adding some beautiful new questions to your day, and finding your own new answers for life.  


p.s. Looking for a community built on stories and questions that inspire? Visit X Factory and read more about how we're creating space for inner exploration, deeper conversation, and open-hearted listening. 

Get in touch if you have any questions:)