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Creating More Meaningful Conversations For You And Your World

X Factory brings passionate, forward-thinking women of all ages together around their stories and wisdom. It is a community that meets to share intergenerational stories and perspective in real time. Each gathering is an evening of enlightenment as we hear four women's stories, then break into smaller groups to share our own. Interspersed with prompts, reflections, and close conversation, our gatherings generate a palpable positive energy, and are sure to send you home feeling deeply reconnected and recharged. 
You will arrive as strangers, and leave as friends - hopeful, encouraged, heard, and held. 

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X Factory: CHANGE
FRIday, September 15, 2017
6:30-9 pm

Our Venue: We're really excited to be hosting this X Factory at Red DWG Library, a new co-working lounge located at 413 Central Ave, Pawtucket, RI. The space is located in the historic American Wire building, built in 1900. The architectural details are absolutely spectacular and we are so grateful to have this beautiful and inspiring space as our venue! Tons of free parking and  just a couple minutes off of 95!

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The lounge at Red DWG!  Such great vibes! 

The lounge at Red DWG!  Such great vibes! 

You will feel buoyed by the spirit of an amazing gathering of women of all ages. You will feel reconnected, recharged, and real.
X Factory: Surround yourself with listening, love, and compassion  

X Factory is for women seeking a deeper and more meaningful way to connect. Why now?  

We are dire need of reconnection - with ourselves and one another.  A 24/7 work culture combined with endless social media has left us exhausted from talking at the world, and lonely for lack of actually being heard by others.

Women especially are longing for the time and spaces to experience deep listening, trusted companionship, and true connection. This is what X Factory gives you.

When we come together to share our stories and more importantly, reveal the wisdom gained through these stories, we change.  We feel heard and seen.

In listening, we become keenly aware of both our uniqueness and our interconnectedness. We lighten up, knowing others are holding our truth and shining a light back to us.

In disconnecting from the digital, we reconnect in real life with the profoundly simple and beautiful power of women in conversation.

Through X Factory, we are building a community and a platform for cultivating personal growth, cultural awareness, and positive change in the world.  Through this loving, lighthearted, but deep community, we hope to change lives for the better.  

Here's how people describe X Factory:

"Life changing"

"A balm for my hurt heart"

"I have 49 new best friends"


"I feel safe and loved"

"We are not alone on our paths when we share
our authentic selves."

"A beautiful experience. Thank you so much for holding space for all these amazing women to connect."


Why are we named X Factory?  Well, in mathematics, X is the unknown variable awaiting discovery.  XX is the female chromosome. In Native American wisdom, two crossed arrows in an X pattern is the symbol of friendship. And of course, the "X Factor" is that elusive magic that makes something fabulously different.

When we come together, we create something new. New ideas and mindsets. New inspiration and connections. We're manufacturing compassion, gratitude, joy, and new friendships. This is X Factory.    


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Impact and Takeaways From X Factory